Notable People

District Commissioners

Captain Colbron Pearse, 1915

Captain Denis Colbron Pearse was a scouting pioneer, having founded 1st Hampstead Scout Troop in 1908. He was the founding Commissioner of Willesden District, but only served in this role for six months. He may have only been a caretaker until a permanent Commissioner was found, or he was called away to war. Colbron devised the system of Counties and Districts the still forms the organisational structure of scouts in the UK.

George James Furness JP, 1915-1936

George James Furness was the only surviving son of George Furness, whom Furness Road and Furness School are named after. The Furness’ lived at Roundwood House, now the location of the Roundwood Youth Centre.

Apart from being District Commissioner for 21 years, George James Furness was Councillor on Middlesex County Council, MP for Willesden West, Magistrate and High Sheriff of Middlesex.

W. Charles Williams OBE, 1936-1660s

Cornwall Badge Recipients