Activity Notification

POR 9.1.b: The District Commissioner is responsible for approving all activities for Beaver Scouts, Cub Scouts, Scouts and Explorer Scouts. This will usually be by means of an informal system agreed between the District Commissioner and each Group Scout Leader or District Explorer Scout Commissioner. 

Use this form:

  • When you are holding an even from your regular meeting place

  • Holding an event at your regular meeting place that requires a permit holder under the adventurous activity scheme

Do not use this form:

  • If the event will include overnight accommodation for sleeping, use the NAN form.

  • If the event will have more that 100 people present. This event will require more than 2 months notice, please refer to POR 9.6

Event Information
Event Date *
Event Date
Please include start and end time.
Venue Address *
Venue Address
Please list those requiring permits or qualifications. Provide details of the activity leader (inc. Membership Number) or external provider.
Approximate Numbers Attending
These are approximate numbers only, better to submit this form earlier, than wait for confirmed numbers.
Event Leadership
Leader in Charge *
Leader in Charge
GSL / DESC is aware of the event *
if necessary, I - or another member of the party - holds a permit in accordance with the Adventurous Activity Permit Scheme (see Rule 9.7); it will be the leader holding the permit who takes all decisions for the duration of the activity; there will be additional, responsible supervision as required (including for those in the locality of the activity but not actively involved, see Rules 3.7-3.9), all supervising adults and participants will be made aware of who is in charge; suitable InTouch arrangements (see Rule 9.3) and Emergency Procedures (Chapter 7) will be in place; it is appropriate to the age and abilities of all participants; each participant has received appropriate training; an appropriate weather forecast is obtained and acted upon in terms of selecting the area in which the activity will operate and that each participant is suitably equipped to tackle predicted/possible extremes; all equipment is appropriate for the activity; any other requirements of The Scout Association, including Child Protection and Safety, have been complied with; any legal requirements for the activity have been complied with; a risk assessment is carried out in accordance with Rule 9.4. Risk Assessment and safety instructions are communicated to all supervising adults and participants; suitable first aid materials will be available.