Nights Away Notification 

This form provides the information a Commissioner requires to APPROVE an event to take place (i.e. POR 9.1b/9.1c). The Permit holder is responsible for ensuring that the appropriate Commissioner is informed about each Colony, Pack, Troop, or Unit attending a nights away event (even a District or County event).

For all Nights Away events the information below should be with your Commissioner 7 days before the event.

Event Information
e.g. sleepover, hike, pack holiday, etc.
Start Date *
Start Date
End Date *
End Date
Venue Address *
Venue Address
Approximate Numbers Attending
These are approximate numbers only, better to submit this form earlier, than wait for confirmed numbers.
including parents on a family camp
Event Leadership
Event Leader *
Event Leader
Permit Holder
Permit Holder
if not the event leader
including membership number
Please list those requiring permits or qualifications. Provide details of the activity leader or provider.
In Touch
GSL / DESC is aware of the event *