Patrol of the Year Competition 2019

Applications are sought from patrols from Scout Troops and Explorer Scout Units within the District of Willesden to compete in the first annual Patrol of the Year Competition.

The Patrol of the Year competition will consist of a competition standing patrol camp running from Friday 28th June 2019 to Sunday 30th June 2019.  Patrols will compete against each other (regardless of troop/unit membership) to prove to the judges that they are best.  All aspects of the patrol’s activity will be judged with an emphasis on the following:

  • Skills

  • Team-work

  • Leadership

The cost of the camp (covering the campsite, base activity, judging arrangements but not equipment or food) will be £12 per attendee (i.e. £72 for a patrol of 6).

For an question please contact Frank Penter: