Anyone coming to judge should familiarise themselves with the Guidelines for Judges.

Please use the registration form to record any dietary requirements etc.

What to Bring

If you are staying overnight you will need to bring your own sleeping bag etc. We can provide a tent if you do not have one. No other kit is necessary (plates and cutlery are provided and all catering is done by the camp cook team).

Judges are requested to bring a smartphone or tablet if they have one, and to test beforehand whether they are able to access the online score sheets available below.

Judges under the age of 18 are also required on arrival to hand in a Permission to Camp Form (signed by a parent/guardian).

Score Sheets

The score sheets are available as online forms (which will be used during the competition to speed up the processing of results and improve the legibility of records) and as pdf files.

If you would like to give any feedback on any aspect of the scoring system or marking scheme, please fill in the Judge's Feedback Form.