Scoring Matrix


Main Competition

The following aspects will be judged and points will count towards the main Trophy competition:

  • Uniform - neatness and team uniformity (50 points).

  • Setting Up – teamwork, leadership etc. (15 points).

  • Menu - balance, suitability, originality etc. (35 points). A printed copy of your menu showing all meals for the weekend is required to be handed in on arrival - please include details of the ingredients of meals if it is not obvious from the name of the meal.

  • Conduct - prompt arrival at flag break and PL’s meetings, adherence to lights out times, safety and tidiness of site overnight, prompt washing-up after meals (5 points per occasion, total 40 points).

  • Optional activities - a selection of simple and fun activities which can be undertaken throughout the weekend to gain a few extra points - see below (100 points).

  • Tents – quality of pitching, suitability for use, used as intended (ventilated, brailed etc.) (150 points Saturday, 75 points Sunday).

  • Storage – kitchen equipment, food, personal kit and camping equipment (120 points Saturday, 45 points Sunday).

  • Site – layout, safety and general impression, progress with setting up the whole site on Saturday morning and taking down altar fires and wood piles on Sunday morning (150 points Saturday, 50 points Sunday).

  • Saturday dinner - timing, hygiene, presentation, quality, quantity (100 points).

  • Sunday breakfast - timing, hygiene, presentation, quality, quantity (65 points).

  • Final site inspection – a check on whether the site has been left as it was found (5 points, but possible to lose 30 points).

The standard of equipment has no bearing on the marks, so a new tent will not necessarily gain maximum points; the suitability of the tent and how well it is pitched will determine the marks awarded.

Optional Activities & Bases

On arrival, each Patrol will be issued with a list of optional activities and allocated bases.

When ready to have one of the optional activities marked, one member of the Patrol should come to the judges hut and ask for the optional activities judge to do the marking (some activities can be brought to the judges’ hut for marking, others might require you to simply give an answer to the judge, others might require the judge to come to your site or a specific location elsewhere on the site).

You can complete as many of the optional activities as you like at any time throughout the weekend, but you only get one opportunity to try each one, and they will only be marked if you come to request the judge to do so. The optional activities judge will be on duty from 10.00 to 18.00 on Saturday and from 10.00 to 13.00 on Sunday, though it should be borne in mind that Patrols will have other commitments during these times, such as the special challenges. It may also be necessary to queue if the optional activities judge is dealing with another Patrol.