On arrival patrols will be given individual timetables which will provide bespoke times for some judged aspects to ensure that judges get to all areas.

Friday 28th June 2019

17.00-20.00 - Arrival at Frank’s Field, Paccar Scout Camp. All patrol members in full uniform (POR rule 10.7 and 10.11).  Patrol to report to judging area for allocation of pitch and inspection (judged).

All equipment is to be loaded to the ‘technical space’ immediately adjacent to the allocated pitch.  Nothing can be moved into the pitch itself until all adult helpers have left the site completely. Set up standing camp.

20.00 – all parents/supporters to have left the site

20.00 – Patrol Leaders briefing (APL to take charge)

22.00 lights out

Saturday 29th June 2019

07.00 – rise, wash and breakfast

07.00-10.00 – site development.  Judges will award points for thoughtful development of the pitch.  Think about fences, gates, gadgets to assist with cooking, cleaning etc.

10.00 – flag break (uniform tops only)

10.00-12.00 – judged inspection of pitches. This will cover tents, cooking areas, stores, site set up, gadgets etc.

12.30 Lunch

13.30-17.00 – bases – each patrol will be given a timetable detailing which base they are doing when.  Bases will include rifle shooting (the most accurate patrol will win the trophy), navigation, canvas ridge tent pitching, hiking tent pitching and pioneering.  Patrols will be judged on senses, i.e. hearing, sight, smell, touch, memory and taste.

18.00 – Dinner – the highest scoring patrol will win the trophy.  The points will also be included in the overall trophy.  This should be a three-course meal with judging considering presentation, cooking and preparation.  Scouts can cook this on gas, Explorer Scouts must cook this on an alter fire.  Total budget must be no greater than £3 per scout – receipts must be provided to the judges.

19.30-20.00 – Patrol Leaders Council (APL to take charge)

20.30-22.30 – campfire – hot beverages and a snack will be included – bring a mug and plate.

23.00 Lights out

Sunday 30th June 2019

07.00- rise, wash and breakfast

09.30 – Flag break and Scouts Own (full uniform – judged)

10.00-11.00 – final bases – as detailed in individual timetable

11.00-12.00 – judged inspection of pitches

12.30 – lunch and strike camp – all packed up equipment and belongings are to be neatly piled up in the technical area outside the pitch.  Adult helpers cannot enter the site until after the 14.15 inspection.

14.15 – judged inspection of vacant pitch

15.00-16.00 – presentation of trophies and pennants (adult helpers are welcome to attend for this)

16.00 – scouts depart.