Volunteer expectations and responsibilities

Volunteer expectations

Everyone who volunteers with Scouting within the Willesden Scout District is entitled to be treated with dignity and respect. You have a right to:

  • accurate information on scouting at local and national level

  • a clear description of the role you have taken on

  • a safe working environment

  • negotiate a choice of roles and tasks on a flexible basis

  • a named person (volunteer Line Manager), you can go to for advice, support and peer mentoring and a Training Adviser

  • protection from exploitation by other volunteers and service users 

  • say ‘no’ without feeling guilty 

  • have your contribution valued by all areas of the organisation

  • receive constructive feedback on your contribution

  • have opportunities to develop skills

  • have opportunities for training

  • have local scouting deal with disciplinary and grievance matters

  • to volunteer in a friendly atmosphere

Volunteer responsibilities

In return, you are required to commit to Scouting’s values and abide by our organisational policies, rules and procedures. Specifically, you are expected to:

  • wear Scout Association uniform as appropriate to your role

  • treat everyone associated with scouting (children and adults) with courtesy & respect

  • cooperate with other volunteers and staff

  • carry out agreed roles and tasks to the best of your abilities

  • be committed, reliable and punctual

  • ask for help or support when needed

  • follow and adhere to the policies, procedures and rules of The Scout Association

  • refrain from public criticism of scouting

  • undertake relevant training as necessary 

  • exchange information and offer feedback 

  • notify the appropriate person if you are unavailable/unable to fulfil your volunteer commitment. 

All adults in Scouting are expected to operate in accordance with the key policies of The Scout Association. These are:

  • The Purpose of Scouting (the fundamentals),

  • Spiritual,

  • Equal Opportunities,

  • Safety,  

  • Child Protection,

  • Anti-Bullying,

  • Development.

Further details on all these policies can be found in the current edition of The Policy, Organisation & Rules of The Scout Association (www.scouts.org.uk/por