Members and Associate Members of the Scout Association are entitled to wear the Adult Scout Uniform.

Items of official uniform:

  • stone long sleeve or short sleeve shirt or blouse

  • Group / Explorer Scout Unit / Scout Network / District / County / Gilwell / Scout Active Support scarf (as entitled) or, on formal occasions a blue tie is available to wear,

  • Scout, Young Leaders or Explorer Award belt

  • navy blue activity trousers; or smart navy blue trousers (any high street brand); or smart navy blue skirt.  


Optional items a Group / Explorer Scout Unit / Scout Network / Scout Active Support Unit may decide to have as part of its official adult uniform:

  • navy blue shorts

  • grey fleece

  • navy blue baseball cap

  • navy blue sweatshirt

  • stone polo shirt

When cultural requirements or religious needs require, members of recognised faith communities may wear appropriate clothing of a style and fashion in accordance with their beliefs as part of their Scout uniform.