Bar to the Silver Acorn & Silver Wolf Nomination Form

The purpose of this form is to nominate an individual for an award. This form is used to collect personal data about you and the individual being nominated. We take the obligation for personal data privacy seriously. The data you provide is managed and retained in accordance with our Data Protection Policy. The personal data may be shared with other relevant Scouting members for the purposes of assessing the award nomination.

Details of successful awards will be uploaded to an individuals Compass record and published annually on the website. The UK Headquarters Awards Team will also securely store (electronically) the details for 1 year from the end of the awarding process before they are passed to the UK Headquarters Heritage Team for their records.

Nomination Form 

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Please write a summary explaining, with examples, what the nominee has achieved since his/her last Good Service award. You may wish to use the headings below as a guide.
Outline what this role involves and its time commitment by the nominee.
Outline what’s involved in any other roles in Scouting and the time commitment by the nominee.
Outline specific achievements and impact of the nominee since their last Good Service award. Examples could include how they have; helped grow membership, raised funds, managed large projects or rebuilt their headquarters, etc. Please quote specific figures where possible. etc. Please quote specific figures where possible.
Where a previous Good Service award is held, please outline whether the nominee has continued to provide service at a similar level or whether you believe the quality/complexity of their service has substantially increased and why.
Outline any involvement that the nominee has with other organisations since their last Good Service award. Highlight if this involvement has directly benefitted Scouting.