Meritorious Conduct, Gallantry, Cornwell Scout Badge & Chief Scouts Personal Award Nomination Form

The purpose of this form is to nominate an individual for an award. This form is used to collect personal data about you and the individual being nominated. We take the obligation for personal data privacy seriously. The data you provide is managed and retained in accordance with our Data Protection Policy. The personal data may be shared with other relevant Scouting members for the purposes of assessing the award nomination.

Details of successful awards will be uploaded to an individuals Compass record and published annually on the website. The UK Headquarters Awards Team will also securely store (electronically) the details for 1 year from the end of the awarding process before they are passed to the UK Headquarters Heritage Team for their records.

Recipient Under 18?

If you are nominating someone under the age of 18 you must use the PDF form as consent is needed from a parent or guardian.

Nomination Form 

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Nominee's Details
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Award nomination *
Please write a summary explaining, with examples, what the nominee has achieved since his/her last Good Service award. You may wish to use the headings below as a guide.
Date of incident or when the personal challenge became known
Date of incident or when the personal challenge became known
Outline the incident or condition that has been brought to your attention. Please be as specific as possible about dates and include as much detail as possible to help the National Awards Advisory Group understand the situation.
Outline what the nominee does in/for Scouting and their usual character.
What has the nominee achieved (for themselves or others) by dealing with the incident or despite their condition?etc. Please quote specific figures where possible.
Think about the main challenges or risks that the nominee has had to overcome. For acts of bravery did they put their life at risk, if so how? If undergoing treatment for a medical condition, how has this affected them and what is the long term prognosis?
Outline any other recognition the nominee has received relating to the incident or condition described above. Examples could include; recognition from the emergency services or other organisations. Please also list the name and dates of any related awards received by the nominee
Please list the documents enclosed/attached which support this nomination. Examples could include; statements from eye-witnesses, the emergency services, doctors or medical specialists or newspaper cuttings etc.