Volunteer Archivist

Willesden District Scouts has a rich history of over 100 years and in that time, has had thousands of youth and adult members. We have accumulated a vast number of photographs, booklets, minute books, letters and the odd artefact during this time, and are looking to catalogue everything and pack for long-term curation in the district archive.

No previous volunteering experience will be needed for this role, though you will be methodical, have an enthusiasm for Scouting and keen to work in a team.

You will need to have:
- Excellent attention to detail and confidence working with large amounts of papers
- Basic IT skills
- Ability to deal with confidential information in a professional and discrete manner
- Ability to handle large quantities of historical documents without damaging them
- An interest in the charity sector and Save the Children’s work

Scouting in Willesden is seeing massive growth in popularity with 4 scout groups opening in 2018, and we hope to open at least two more next year. Many of these are groups that we are re-opening decades after they closed. All of these have a history we would like to pass on to the new group's members.

We’d like you to join in, because who knows what we may find!