Getting Started

As a new leader in Scouting you will start your adult training by undertaking the modules which we refer to as the 'Getting Started'. These modules are Module 1, 2 & 3 for Section Leaders or 4 for Managers and GDPR. Executive Committee members need to only complete Module 1E and GDPR.

Getting Started needs to completed before you can be fully appointed and needs to be completed within five months of receiving your provisional appointment and is part of the appointment process for your role.

Although there are suggestions about which modules may be best to complete first, these modules can be completed in any order, and are aimed at introducing you to your new role and giving you the basic information and skills needed to get started.

To help you identify the training you need to complete and plan your training our network of Training Advisors will guide you through your learning process. Your Group Scout Leader is responsible for helping you achieve your Wood Badge so please ask then for help when you need it. 

Please note the venue of each module.

Once you have completed Getting Started you may wear the Gilwell woggle. Non-uniformed adults may wear the Getting Started pin. Both of these can be purchased from Scout Shops. If for some reason you are unable to complete Getting Started within the five month timescale, your line manager will review the situation with you. Your District or County Commissioner (as appropriate), together with the Appointments Advisory Committee, will then decide whether or not to extend your provisional appointment for another five months. A provisional appointment can only be extended once. 

REMEMBER: You are in control. So, book onto courses or modules, attend the training and get the modules you have attended validated!

Training for Everyone

Module 1 - Essential Information

for Section Leader, Managers and Supporters

This module is for anyone who is not an Executive Committee Member. This module provides the basic information that all adults in Scouting need to know. It briefly covers the Fundamentals of Scouting, the key policies of The Scout Association and the support available to adults in Scouting.

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Module 1E - Essential Information

for Executive Committee Members

Essential Information for Executive Committee Members covers the Fundamentals of Scouting, but also provides more specific information on the responsibilities of Executive Committee Members, enabling them to carry out their role effectively. This module covers the Fundamentals of Scouting, Executive Committees and trusteeship in Scouting, Safety in Scouting and Safeguarding - child protection.

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General Data Protection Regulation Training

GDPR Training is a mandatory module for all appointments. It covers the basic information that individual’s need to know in relation to the General Data Protection Regulations, what this means for their role and for Scouting and how to effectively align with it. Topics covered:

  • Personal Data

  • Individuals' rights

  • Consent

  • Accountability & Governance

At the end of the course you need to save the certificate, click the image below to see how:

Training for Leaders

Module 2: Personal Learning Plan

This module consists of creating a plan to meet identify and meet the training requirements of your role, taking your existing knowledge and skills into account. Although the parts of Getting Started can be completed in any order, it is recommended that you complete the Personal Learning Plan as the first step, particularly if you are changing roles. This will mean that you will have a clear idea of the process from the outset, and you will be able to get advice and guidance from a Training Adviser at an early stage on how to go about completing your training.

Normally you will have done this at an Appointments Panel meeting, if not you can do it at one of our District Open House events.


Module 3 - Tools for the role (Section Leaders)

For Beaver, Cub, Scout & Explorer Scout Leaders, Assistant Leaders & Section Assistants

This module contains some basic information about your role in scouting and practical help for working within a section. The module covers the key features of the section and how to run suitable games and activities and how to promote positive behaviour.

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Module 4 - Tools for the role (Managers)

For Commissioners, Assistant Commissioners, and Group Scout Leaders

This module contains some basic information about your role as a manager in scouting and the roles and responsibilities of those you manage and/or support. It also covers areas of leadership and management, managing time and personal skills.

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